“I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was a child. My father is a lawyer, my aunt is a lawyer, my grandfather is a lawyer and my grandmother is a retired judge. I knew I wanted to help people but I wasn’t sure which filed of law to focus on. Then about eight years ago, I started working for a foreclosure prevention company that specialized in short sale negotiations and processing loan modification applications while attending the night program at Southwestern law school. While working there I witnessed the deceptive and fraudulent practices of mortgage lenders first hand. I saw how banks manufacture foreclosures by instructing their borrowers to stop paying their mortgage in order to be qualified for a loan modification or a short sale and then intentionally delaying the review process so that the Trustee’s Sale date sneaks up on the homeowner. The bank could swoop in and conduct a foreclose sale in an attempt to acquire valuable southern California Real Estate. Thankfully, right around the time I was admitted to the California bar, a bill was passed in California called the California's Homeowner Bill of Rights, which was aimed at protecting homeowners and borrowers during the mortgage and foreclosure process. After studying the new law I realized that this was the best way I could help people. I could save people their homes.” – Aaron Berger Esq.

Aaron graduated from Woodbury University in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting.  He then went on to receive a Juris Doctorate degree from Southwestern Law School in 2012. Aaron was sworn in as an Attorney licensed to practice in the state of CA in December of 2012. In July of 2014, Aaron passed the California Real Estate Broker's exam and became a Real Estate broker. Aaron has been working under his Attorney/CPA father for the past 10 years, in which time he successfully negotiated countless favorable settlements.  His experience negotiating settlements has given him an extra advantage as he has a systematic approach that is proven to be successful.  He has established relationships with almost every collection agency and law firm whom he can contact directly and that already knows what he is looking for in a settlement.  He has settled Civil Lawsuits, Credit Card debts, Second Mortgages, Equity Lines of Credit, and back Tax owed to the IRS.