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Understanding Liens and Judgments Against Property


A lien is a legal claim against your property as security for a debt. A judgment is a court order that confirms you owe money to a creditor. Both can affect your property ownership and equity. Both can me levied against you personally and any asset you own. 


Important Fact About Bankruptcy and Liens

Here’s a little-known fact: if you’ve gone through bankruptcy, even though the debt was discharged, the lien can still exist against your property if your attorney didn’t file a motion to avoid lien. This means the lien will still need to be settled, often for much less than the original debt.


Our Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in settling all sorts of liens and judgments, we are experts in this field. Most property owners aren’t even aware of all the liens and judgments on their title. We can pull a title report to show you and quickly begin cleaning up your title and creating equity.


Types of Liens and Judgments

  1. Judgments: These are against you as an individual and can affect any assets you own until they are settled. Common types include:

    • Court Judgments: Result from lawsuits where you’ve been ordered to pay damages.
    • Credit Card Judgments: Arise from unpaid credit card debts.
  2. Liens: These are claims against your property to secure a debt. Common types include:

    • Solar Equipment Liens: Placed by solar equipment providers for unpaid installations.
    • Junior Mortgages: Secondary loans taken against your property.

Our Process

This is what we can do for you:

  1. Initial Consultation: We’ll review your situation and explain the types of liens and judgments you may have.

  2. Title Report: We will pull a comprehensive title report to identify all liens and judgments against your property.

  3. Negotiation and Settlement: We negotiate with creditors to settle these liens and judgments, often for much less than the original amount owed.

  4. Documentation: We handle all the necessary legal documents to clear these claims from your title.

  5. Equity Restoration: By clearing these liens and judgments, we help restore and increase your property’s equity.


This team has had 20 years experience settling liens and judgments. We are dedicated to helping you settle liens and judgments against your property efficiently and effectively. With our extensive experience, we ensure your title is clean, and your property’s equity is maximized.

We have 34 years of combined experience in real estate, real estate investment, and foreclosure law. We place an emphasis on quality work coupled with quality client retention.
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