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Understanding Property and Neighbor Disputes

Whether your property or dispute is recent or has been a family feud for 100 years, we have the experience to get the problem resolved.


In the field of law, property disputes typically involve conflicts over ownership, boundaries, or usage rights of real estate. Neighbor disputes can arise over issues such as noise, boundaries, shared resources, or nuisance claims. Both types of disputes can be complex, requiring thorough legal understanding and careful handling.


Our Approach to Resolving Disputes

This is what we can do for you: we start by conducting a detailed assessment of your situation. Here’s how we proceed:

  1. Initial Consultation: We’ll meet with you to understand the details of your dispute. This includes gathering all relevant documents and facts.

  2. Research and Analysis: We thoroughly investigate the legal aspects of your case. This involves reviewing property deeds, boundary lines, easements, and any prior agreements or court rulings.

  3. Mediation and Negotiation: Often, disputes can be resolved through mediation or negotiation. We will represent your interests and work towards a mutually acceptable solution.

  4. Legal Instruments and Documentation:

    • Deeds and Titles: To establish ownership and boundary lines.
    • Easements: To clarify usage rights over shared areas.
    • Covenants: To enforce or modify agreements related to property use.
    • Settlement Agreements: To document the resolution and terms agreed upon by both parties.
  5. Litigation: If negotiation and mediation do not yield a satisfactory outcome, we are prepared to take your case to court. We will file the necessary legal documents, present evidence, and advocate on your behalf to achieve a favorable judgment.

  6. Post-Resolution Support: We ensure that the terms of any settlement or court ruling are properly implemented and adhered to, providing ongoing support as needed.

We are committed to resolving your property and neighbor disputes effectively and efficiently. With our expertise and dedication, we aim to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We have 34 years of combined experience in real estate, real estate investment, and foreclosure law. We place an emphasis on quality work coupled with quality client retention.
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